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History Of Domain Names
History Of Domain Names

The need of domain was felt at the time when big organizations planned to develop websites Of their companies . They realized that it would be very difficult for their costumers and other people to remember the exact address of their website , as they web address is in numerical form like : , so by consultation with many supremely experts personalities , it was decided that there should be some name assigned to these numbers which should be easy to remember and for the identity of the website . So that's how the concept of domains was initiated .

Initially the domains were just name for the website or just the user friendly version of web address . The experiment of domains were carried out in 1985 which was a big success and with consultation of many experts it was decide to launch the domains publicly, So in 1986 Domains were launched in the market .
How Domain Names Started

Initially the domains were free for the users , there was no registration fees but the with the increased popularity an organization was needed to control and handle the increased demand of the domain names and to manage the distribution of domain names in an orderly manner , the assignment of registration of domains was given to NETWORK SOLUTIONS in 1992 . In 1995 the domain registrar authority was transferred to any other registrar which started charging $100 for the registration of two years , and most of the three letters .com taken by big multinational organization , that's why it is almost impossible to find domains for register and they are available for sale in huge prices .

As the demand and traffic increased the people realized the value of domains , The domains was considered as the main label of the organization . So by keeping in mind the worth of domain names and websites the big organizations started investing money in domain names , they registered the domain names relating to their company and products in bulk . At present the estimated number of domains currently registered have exceeded 18.5 million .



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