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What Are Domain Names
What Are Domain Names

A domain name is a name given to any website in the form of numbers and alphabets . A domain is terminology which recognizes more than one IPS . The domain names are basically entered in the form of Universal Resource Locater . It is also called a web address . The domain it self is the name assigned to the machine codes behind that domain name . The domains are registered with various extensions , Some of the most prominent and well known extensions are .com , .net , .info , .org , .biz . We use alphabets and numbers while registering domain names because they are easy to keep in mind , very helpful in promotions and for marketing purpose . In other words domain is the primary factor when it comes to locate the website.

The demand of domain names is increasing day by day . Many organizations are now developing their own sites for the information to the users , and with the passage of time people are gaining more and more knowledge about the domain names and the websites and they are registering the domain names for their business purpose and for their products . With the increase in usage the domains with .com extensions are getting lesser and lesser because most of the people are looking to register a .com because .com extension is reliable and very famous across the world . So most of the people prefer a .com extension first while registering a new domain and if that domain is found reserved then they look for any other extension.

Domain Name Accosiated With Countries

With the increase in demand many new domain names have been launched which are associated with the country names . With the arrival of these extensions the problems of most of the people are solved and now they can register a domain name of their choice with the extension of their country in it .

Some of the domains with the extensions associated with the countries are .us , .ca , , .pk , .bz , .au , .in , ae etc
Domains With Extensions

Some more extensions are available in the market like .name , .mp3 etc . People use these domains according to their choices and with their needs


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