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Joining Date : 6/1/2021
Product Title: 30 Years Old Domain For Sale
Excellent Future Investment A Great 30 Years Old Domain Is For Sale

Terms & Condition

  • will not be responsible if the Page Rank or the back links of the domain or website drops . As we all know that there is no certain time period for the updation of Page Rank that's why we will not be responsible if the page rank update occurs on the date of purchase .


  • Your order will be completed with in the time period mentioned in the packages but exceptions and emergencies apart . always provide work on time but if there is any kind of emergency , there can be a delay in the delivery of the requested order .


  • has the authority to cancel the deal or not to sell the requested product and services by refunding the money paid by the buyer.


  • will not be responsible if the information provided for any service is incorrect . It is advised to enter your information correctly before ordering any service .


  • There is no refund policy , so please keep all the aspects in mind before buying and carefully check all the things related to that product .


  • will not be responsible if any of the Old Owner of any particular domain claims the domain after the transfer .


  • takes no responsibility if the domain don't get indexed or banned by GOOGLE . It is the policy of the company that we have no responsibility for the domain name or website after the transfer of the domain to its new owner .


  • We provide domains of genuine age and guarantee you that the age of the domain won't change after the transfer .


  • will provide you complete assistance incase of any error in the development of any website .


  • We will provide complete technical assistance in the transfer and setup of the domains and websites



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