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Search Engine Optimization is a simple technique by which websites are regulated in a manner that makes them search engine friendly. This technique was discovered as a means of increasing the number of times a website would show up when they key words were typed. Then came this idea, which was a google invent, which was based on universal search engine. Read More


For a long time both techniques of search engine optimization as well as pay per click are being used by marketing gurus to create sensational traffic on their site. Both techniques have resulted in certain major successes and some major demotions as well. Many established search engine advocates have suffered a loss by the intrusion of pay per click. Read More


The growth rate of Search Engine Marketing is constantly on a high Globally

According to Search Engine Experts from all over the world the growth rate is increasing constantly . According to a survey Search Engine Marketing has grown by 31.88% in the US and the percentage of Search Engine Marketing globally has reached up to almost 40% . This report is compiled by more than 3500  really experienced Marketers from all over the world . is now updated with ad sense

Google has recently launched You tube with ad sense which allows the users to witness the videos with text or video ads .The visitors can play videos from the list and also from the ad sense ads , similarly like the conventional ad sense you get some dollars when people click on the ads .  Now you can bring users to your website by creating interest by means of relevant and constantly refreshed videos .

The Official DMOZ Blog launched by the Open Directory

The recent update regarding DMOZ is that the official blog of DMOZ is launched by the Open Directory because they want to provide official and reliable information about DMOZ and the role of the volunteers .The second aim is to provide updates on the present enhancements and future plans .

Adsense For Mobile is officially launched by Google

Google has recently introduced Adsense for Mobile as well . The basic aim is to enlarge the scope of online content .when the content is added with mobile code to your site then Google will use the same policy of displaying ads . If your website is compatible for the mobile browser or you are in process of creating a website then you must add mobile browser compatibility in order to increase the traffic and the revenues because the number of mobile advertisers are constantly increasing with every passing day .


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