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What is LAN Card

With the increasing use of the computers and the networking the local area network of the LAN is one such network type which links the two computers in a connection.

For this connection a Local area network card or the LAN card is required which enables the connection of the computers in a network. It is a piece of hardware which is connected inside the PC linking the computer network.

The LAN Card is of both the common types which are the OSI layer 1 and 2, dealing with the physical as well as the data link layer respectively. It uses the correctly entered MAC addresses for the network to work. This then allows the computers to connect using cables or even wirelessly which then requires a special type of LAN card called the WLAN card.

With the increase in the development and technology, the local area network of the wireless type is now mostly preferred. Therefore a Wireless LAN Card is required for this purpose. The computers with the wireless LAN Card can transmit and receive data via radio waves using the special technology of SST or the Spread-Spectrum technology.

The wireless LANs are available in four basic types which include the 802.11, followed by type a, b and also g.

Any sort of LAN card you use will have some of the typical features of a network card which includes the twisted pair, the AUI socket and also the BNC. It is at the AUI socket that the network cable has to be connected. The LAN cards usually are designed to support the rate transfer to be ranging from 10 to 1000 megabits per second.





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