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What is Modem and its benefits

Modem is actually one of the most important hardware devices used in the computer especially for the purpose of networking of the internet. Modems are used to modulate signals of analog types so as to be able to encode the digital information from it. Modems are also used for demodulation of the signals so as to decode the information transmitted.

Therefore it is for the soul purpose of transmission of the signal easily so that it can be decoded to reproduce the digital information.

The classification of modems is done on the basis of the information that can transferred in a given time period by them which is usually measured in bps, or bits per second. Modems are now used by the internet users, which preferably run faster than such as the cable and the ADSL modems.

These days the modems area great benefit to be used in the telecommunication systems with the launch of the radio modems. These modems are the microwave modems and can transmit even more than a hundred million bits per second, which is a very high speed for any modem to work on. The launch of the optical fibers has given rise to the optical modems which are now used for the purpose of transmission of data over undersea optical fibers. These modems have unbelievably high rate of transmission, which can reach up to about a billion bits per second.

Although modem internet connection has been replaced over the recent years with broadband, modems still hold a vital position is certain other aspects of the modern world such as the space telecommunications and of course in the telephone communications.







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