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Important Rules in Website Design

Website designing cannot be localized to a certain point of view or technique, it depends on the individual skills and choice, yet there are certain general rules to be followed by anyone attempting to design a website.

The most commonly used introduction page these days are the splash pages, which contain the decorated words like welcome and click here to enter. This page in fact has no purpose at all and gives a chance for the visitor to hit the back key and leave your site. Therefore, the web site should be designed in such a way that the basic information which the user is seeking is presentable immediately after opening the web site.

Including the banners and ads might be profitable for you but is sometimes irritating for your customer. Everyone using the internet these days usually ignores the banners and ads, therefore keep the banners and ads in the website to a minimum level and include your valuable information instead for the visitor's interest.

The navigation of the site is the main factor for any visitor to leave the site. Keep it as simple as your customer is a kid. The flash player menus and drop downs, if are not handled by the visitors they might just leave your site right away.

Keep a check for your visitor where he is at the moment while browsing your website; the visitor needs to know when they are too engrossed with the site about their location so that they can go back to the other required page.

Adding an audio is a very wrong decision if your website contains mostly the text. The visitor would not like to be annoyed by the audio going on while they are reading and trying to devise a plan with your information.





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