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About Static website

The two basic types of websites are the static and dynamic website. As the word itself suggests static website is the one which once made remain permanently fixed as it is. These websites therefore cannot be used for alteration of any sort of action to change it. These features correspond to the internet programming of the website which cannot be subjected to any sort of change.

Static websites are used extensively only to provide the information that is already written in the HTML code. This information can not be changed until it is mentioned in the source code of the HTML.

In a static website, when a user which is the web browser types the address and requests for the web page, the already written HTML coded information appears for the user to be read or copied for further use. This can be further understood by a clue of the opposite of this web page in which the user can interact with the network and get the response accordingly, for example the online airline flight data services.

A static website once published by the owner can only be used as it is unless the web master edits the HTML coding and thus editing the contents of the page.

Static websites are therefore ideal for the use of providing the set of permanent information like the hotel pictures, facilities and rates whereas a real estate broker would who needs to change the market price of the properties frequently will not find the static type of website very useful.

The Static Websites are much more simple and cheaper for the website owner to maintain but then because of its restrictions to the content and use of information, it is not considered to be as useful as other types of websites.







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