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About Dynamic Website

The interactive experience and browsing over the internet can be achieved through the Dynamic websites on the World Wide Web. Dynamic Websites are used for advanced purposes in the browsing to provide a source for user interaction with the web page developer. Therefore the contents of the web page which includes the texts, images and other forms of information can all be altered according to time and user request.

The interactivity created by the dynamic websites is created in two different ways. The scripting of the client-side is used to later the behavior of a particular web page, which is in response to the actions of the mouse and the keyboard, or sometimes according to the timing of the specific events.

Some times the interactions are also created through the scripting of the server-side which can then alter the source pages in between so as to adjust the sequence of the web content which is provided in the web page. The responses of the server can then be determined by adding special conditions which are entered in the HTML form of the webpage while coding.

Dynamic Websites can thus be created with either way, and it is also possible to simultaneously use both of them.

The Dynamic Websites are very useful for the sole purpose of the flow of data between the user and the web page, which is done through complex HTML procedures. The users can even upload their own information in a dynamic website, but it requires the registration and use of passwords. There is no knowledge of HTM or any web designing skills necessary to update and maintain such a website.

The most common examples of Dynamic Websites are the online information systems like the airline data.






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