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Advanced web design principles

Indeed the most important part of any web site is the home page itself, in the designing of a web site the homepage should be made your sale point. The owner should try to include the most attractive and valuable of all the products in the first page and provide all the necessary links branching from it so as to keep the user at ease. The key however is not overloading the first page, as it may not only confuse the visitor but also portray your inefficiency in the making of the website. The internet users these days prefer the fast moving and easy to handle web sites therefore have an introduction page with flash player is not a very good idea.

The site structure is another important principle of the web designing which should be based on the three simple steps the first one being the homepage itself. The 2 nd should consist of the elaborated and detailed information on your products and services and then finally the third one which should consist of the contact information.

The text of the website does not necessarily have to be very long and detailed in the first page itself, because the internet users do not read every word of what is written on the web site. Therefore it is advisable to also include an option for search for the new users of the websites. This keeps the visitor to your site for one more last try if there is any missing information on the homepage, and thus increasing the possibility of converting your visitor into a customer.

There is one other simple yet the most important factor to keep the visitor to your page, and that is the speed. Many people still use dial up connection therefore, the shorter the download time for the website the more interested is the visitor to stay with you.





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