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Important Things to Check Before Launching Your Website

It is indeed a great feeling to have completed all your website work and finally getting ready to launch it on the web. There are still certain things you need to take a quick look at so as to make sure that the final launch is flawless.

It is very important to keep the most important and necessary information of your website on above your fold, which is the imaginary line at the end of your screen. This is to make sure that when the user is browsing your website he is sure of the purpose of the website even before scrolling the page down.

Make sure to keep a final check on all the links included in your website to see if they are working fine, and linking to the particular link that is required. The correct destination if is not reached can be a major disaster to all your hard work.

Read the whole page, keeping yourself in the place of the visitor identify the, errors, mistakes, or any special things that would turn off the visitor. This can be of great help in the final check when you are free of all the tension of the web site developing, and then you are more likely to easily point out the minor mistakes and errors.

In fact the best way to correct the minor mistakes is to ask others to review the website and give their point of view on the web page as a third person. Fresh eyes, can give the best opinion without any bias.

Finally, make sure the time for the launch is the right one because after that you will be needed to be more dedicated to the maintenance of the website and its corrections, so you always need to be ready to serve.





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