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What is PHP

PHP is used to create highly stylized websites because it is one of the most widely server-side scripting languages used for the soul purpose of designing websites. It is just like HTML and is used in the same way.

It is the same as ASP or Cold Fusion, I-e when the user opens the website the server processes the commands in the PHP language and then they are relayed to the browser of the visitor. Yet PHP is different because it is Open Source and cross platform which is not the case with ASP and Cold Fusion.

PHP can be used in the Windows NT and also in the versions of NT, together with that PHP can be made to run as a CGI and can be built as a binary and also an Apache module. When the PHP is built as the Apache module it is very speedy and lightweight, and so it can be easily used to return results very quickly without any overhead process creation.

PHP is also used to send the HTTP headers together with altering the content of the web pages. Users can be redirected, cookies can be set and the authentication can also be managed through PHP. PHP is also used for the purpose of connectivity with the databases and also the integration with the external libraries. This enables everything from the parsing XML to the generation of PDF documents.

The language syntax of the PHP is quite similar to the C's and also the Perl's. The variables do not have to be declared before their use and it is very easy with PHT to create hashes and the arrays. There are also some object-oriented features in PHP which further help in the organization and encapsulation of your code.






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