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Website maintenance Tips

Website making and designing is not itself a very difficult task because of the various different software and web developers available for help. However the maintenance of the website is in itself a very difficult task to achieve which includes not only keeping a check on the working of the website but also reviewing and updating the information.

All the images of the website should be kept in a separate subfolder. If the file is in the format .com/index.html then its image should be in the format .com/images.

Always remember to save the template for creating a new page. The key is to first create a page which contains all the designing styles with the menu and header but without any content. It is then recommended to start a new page by copying the template.

There is some sort of a blog software required to update the pages or sections that requiring frequent updates like the news pages.

Create the pages such that they can then expand vertically so that more text can be added in the web page later on, the designing should be such that it does not overlap the added text which can be required later on.

A very minor but noticeable thing is the use of the time in writing the articles, for example instead of writing 1 month ago, it is better to write the month and the year so as to keep it up to date for the later visitors. While setting the fonts, do not use many different colors and sizes in the font, which distracts from the professionalism of the website.

Finally before updating any webpage, first create a backup copy of the page, you are updating so that you may not lose the content.





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