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Graphics in Web Site Design

Graphics in the designing of the website is indeed the most important and the widely used styling technique for any webpage. It is yet more to the use of the graphics and fonts than what just an ordinary reader might think. Graphics contribute not only to the excitement of the visitor while browsing on the website but also the time he stays in the website, and the most important for the traffic, it enhances the search engine listings.

However there is a common misuse of the graphics and the fonts on the websites. The soul purpose of using the graphics should be actually to complement the content and purpose of your style not just for the need to use it because it looks good and different. The soul reason behind the restriction of the use of graphics is that they should not dominate the page and its useful information instead it should equally be able to convey a message like the informative text in the website.

The website graphics are used in two main formats which are most commonly used, the GIF and the JPG format. Both formats are good for use in their own different way however for the photographs the better one to use is the JPG and for the menu bars and dividers GIF is more useful.

For the website designing use it is imperative to include the size of the graphics on the webpage. For example:

<img src='myphoto.jpg' width=180 height=105>

The most important concern in the use of graphics for the web designing is the time it takes while loading the websites. Too much use of the graphics can make your website very slow and thus the visitor can be turned off to even leave the website without taking a look at your more important main information ahead. Therefore the use of graphics should be very sensibly done.




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