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Internet connection equipments

There are certain requirements that the PC needs to be equipped with for the use of the internet connection on the computer. There are two basic parts in any sort of PC which supports the applications and programs used on the internet. These are the Hardware and the Software requirements.

The Hardware requirements are generally more demanding and complicated than the software requirements. The essential hardware needed to be installed on the computer for internet access include first of all a CPU with a Pentium of either 2, 3 or 4 Celeron, Duron or either Athlon. The memory of the PC should be at a minimum of 64MB but it is strongly recommended to have it more than that so as to increase the performance and the speed of the internet. The Video Graphics card is also a necessary requirement for the internet access; the card must support the resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels with the minimum of 256 colors.

The modem of the pc has to be a minimum of 56Kbps with the internal type configuration, or if the external type is used the fast serial port hardware is also required. However more than the modem the modern technologies of the DSL broadband connections are much better to use and strongly recommended.

The software equipments for the internet connections are very few and reasonably easy to follow. A web browser is generally needed for the internet browsing and the visiting of the web sites. The most commonly used web browsers are the Internet Explorer with the version of 5 or later, and the Netscape 4.7. These browsers generally require the plug-ins for the use of the Flash which is a very common component of almost all internet web sites.






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