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What is proxy and its uses

Proxies are one of the very useful computer networking techniques, used by many computers these days especially for the internet connection networking. Proxy server is basically and application program which is commonly known as a server, used to service the clients requests so as to forward it to other available servers.

The client is connected to the proxy server, which requests for some services involving the request of files, connections, web pages, and many other resources which are available from the other different connected servers.

The caching property of the proxy server is very useful for the internet, as it can process and return the result of a request without even being in contact with the destination server, this is achieved by using the content which had been saved earlier by the client's request. The proxies with the caching ability keep the copies of the latest and the frequently visited resources saved in the network memory so that they can be used later on. This also allows the ISP or the internet service providers to reduce the usage and costs involving in the networking so as to elevate the over performance.

The main purpose of the proxies is to connect to the available server so as to provide with the resources, on the behalf of the client. The proxy sever also has the option of altering the request of the client or even the response of the server approached. Sometimes the proxy server can also process the request without even contacting the sources server. The proxy server which can pass all requests and reply unmodified is also known as the gateway or sometimes the tunneling proxy.

Proxy servers can be used to place address in the local computer of the user which connects the user and the destinations server or the internet.




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