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Internet tools

Internet tools are basically used so as to make the internet use much easier via some of the applications specially made for a particular internet business.

These tools are advanced and custom-built for the development of the internet, so that the optimal management can be achieved both in the informational and communication solutions. These tools are also available commercially.

Different networks are compatible with different internet tools, as described further.

The tools related to the networking of the TCP/IP most widely used is the "Fifi Ping »"

The Ping is actually used for the basic inquiry to determine whether the host which is governing the internet is alive and transmitting information and signals or not. The ping tool performs this task by sending data to the host of the network used for the internet so as to see the response and the time period required to achieve it.

The internet tool of the "Icestorm NSLookup »" is used to convert your personal domain name into an IP or the internet protocol address, like the form ( it can then be used for exactly the opposite task, but the DNS server has to be queried for that.

The other internet tool related with the Internet protocol "Dig DNS Check »" is used to gain information from the DNS servers using the domain information groper of the DIG.

The internet tool of the "logic Host Check »" is used by the network of TCP/IP to perform several different tasks and tools of the network in one single host.






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