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What is Copywriting

Copywriting is often confused with copyright, and thought to be of the same meaning or related to it. However there is no such association and copywriting itself is a separate term more commonly used in many aspects including the websites.

Copywriting involves the procedure of the promotion of any thing, may it be a person a business or even an opinion or an idea. It is also involved in various types of media may it be radio or television advertisement, or any other type. The soul reason for the promotion and the text is to convince the reader or the listen for a particular product or in simple terms marketing of a company or business, which may also be just a certain view point.

The copywriting can be done in a variety of different ways and means which include for example the World Wide Web, the taglines, scripts, television and radio etc. There are special copy writers associated with the work, who contribute their skills to provide with interesting ads, commercials, and other sort of advertising innovations.

There is a special meaning to the word copywriting for their use in the websites. It is associated with the special ways and means to write the wordings and format the text in website so as to reach a certain level in the higher rankings for the search engines. This type of copywriting is sometimes also referred to as the content writing and involves the use of the strategic keywords and their correct placement in the text for the web pages. This type of copywriting is usually referred to as the search engine optimization or the SEO.


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