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What Is DSL

The full form of DSL is known as the digital subscriber line, which consists of various different technologies that provide an internet connection to a computer network using the DSL.

The digital subscriber line , or most commonly known as the DSL, involves the use of the pair of copper phone lines using the wiring networks, these also comprise of a main switch which has special hardware to relay the internet signals to the other end of the user. A continuous digital connection network can be achieved using this technology.

The DSL technology is purely based on digital composition and thus there is no use of the digital to analog conversion for the internet transmission as required in the previous modems of the traditional times. The DSL system does not use the frequency spectrum of the audio in the phone, because it requires the frequency above that which means that the telephone can be used while the internet connection is still on.

The speed of the DSL system technology is incomparable to any other internet connection provider, previously used. If compared, the DSL wins over 50 times faster inter speed than the general modems used and is about 12 times faster than the ISDN connection. The reason behind this is that the DSL system used different frequencies for the encoding of the data, which allows a much faster internet speed. Another factor which contributes to the high speed of the DSL is that it is not a bus technology because of which its offered bandwidth is much more consistent than the other types of modems which provides the same bandwidth to multiple users.

However, the only conditions that can affect the transmission speed are the wiring conditions and also to some extent the distance limitations.







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