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What is Script

Script refers to the type of computer languages which are actually called the computer programming languages, whose interpretation is typical and it can also be typed directly from the keyboard itself.

Scripts are special types of programming languages which are distinguished with the programs. Programs need to be converted into the machine language or code, which is the binary executable files, but the scripting language does not require this and the interpreters already convert it into the binary form, which is transparent to the users.

These scripts remain in their original format and their interpretation is done command by command every time they are used or run on the computer. The reason for the creation of scripts indeed was to cut down on the slow and long process of the edit-compile-link-run procedure.

Scripts are also associated with the computer games in which the scripts extend the game logic, which tailors the game engine to the particular game data. Scripts are known to make the applications much more useable and also programmable from within, for the repeated tasks to be quick and automatic.

There some of the most popular scripting programming languages used like the most commonly used for the games, the UnrealScript, and then the JavaScript after the initial use of the VB Script. All of these are supported with every kind of browser on the market.

There are many different types of scripting languages used like for example the Job Control languages and shells, which includes the scripts like 4NT, the Apple Script, REXX etc.The GUI Scripting, and the Web programming languages which includes the Java Server Pages, PHP and the Active Server Pages. Followed by others like Text processing languages, General-purpose dynamic languages and the Extension/embeddable languages.





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