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What is Wordpress

Wordpress is actually a system of the publishing of blogs which is written in the PHP and also has a back of the MySQL database.

The developer of wordpress are Matt Mullenweg, Ryan Boren, and Donncha O Caoimh, this programming system is licensed by GNU General Public License. The wordpress also has its official website which is

Wordpress is actually a successor of the famous b2\cafelog officially which was developed by Michel Valdrighi. The suggestion of the name "wordpress" was done by Christine Selleck, who was a friend of the main lead developer of wordpress itself-Matt Mullenweg.

There are some distinguishing features or the wordpress like the extensible plug-in support, the integrated link management, the typographic filters for the proper formatting and the styling of the text, the search-engine friendly premalink structure and various other facilities. With wordpress a list of users can also be stored who have visited the blog. It can also be used for security purposes and for blocking the IP address of a user for visiting the blog.

One of the very famous versions of WordPress is the WordPress 2.3 Version which features the native tagging support, and also the new system of taxonomy for categories, followed by some very easier notification of the updates and also other interface improvements. This new version of 2.3 also supports Atom 1.0 together with the protocol publishing. The WordPress 2.3 version also has some needed security measures for the system.

Wordpress' latest edition release was on the 8 th of September in the year 2007. The version of this latest release is 2.2.3.





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