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What is Data Entry

Data entry involves entering of the data known as the input for the processing procedure in any computer and is known to include the conversion of the data into any useful information or knowledge to be used. This process is usually automatic and is run on every computer.

This is because the data can be more beneficial when it is presented well and is informative to be used. These systems of data processing are actually also referred to as the information systems for the emphasis on the practicality.

Data entry therefore is the manipulation of the data with the input in the computer to manipulate it for useful information as an output.

More generally data entry is the procedure of entering the data into any database or spreadsheet of the computer so as to get it processed for a useful output. There are various means of data entry. It can either be performed by an individual or even by a machine. An individual typing the data with the keyboard is also known to be the data entry and the machine entering the data electronically is also one of the ways of entering data.

Data entry is also sometimes referred more technically as the transcription of the information from the source into a form readable by the machine itself so that processing can be carried out of the required data. Apart from the data entry through the keyboard, the other such data entry devices are the scanners, and even the latest technology devices of speech recognition.

The most important requirement for the entry of the data thus is the input device, through which the data can be fed into the computer for the processing followed by the required output.






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