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What is XML

XML is a language with the file extension .xml which is developed by the World Wide Web Consortium. The format of this XML language is the Markup Language and it is extended from the SGML to XHTML, RSS and also Atom. There are two common standards of the XML markup language which are the 1.0 and the 1.1.

The XML is a type of markup language which is commonly known as the extensible markup language because of the soul reason that it gives the users an allowance to define their own tags in the language. The main reason for this type of language use is the facilitation of the sharing of the structured data with various information systems, most commonly via the World Wide Web or the Internet. The use of the XML language is for both the encoding of the documents and also the serialization of the data, like the other languages for the serializing of the data such as the JSON and the YAML.

The history of the XML mark up language is associated with the SGML or the Standard Generalized Markup Language. The XML was previously known to be a part of SGML which was a human legible design. XML can be altered with the implementation of application languages with the addition of semantic constraints, which includes the XHTML, RSS, and several thousands of others like the MathML and MusicXML etc.Such types of application languages use the XML as their own specification language. The XML is a recommendation of the W3C or the World Wide Web Consortium and is a fee-free open standard.


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