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What is PageRank Update

A pagerank is a score or value of your site that the search engines ranks from 1 to 10. They base their decision on how many links that actually point to your website and the value of these links. The search engine will give you a PR which is what they deem appropriate for your site based on the relevancy of the links that point to your site. The higher the PageRank or PR the better off you will be.

Every few months you will receive an update of your PageRank. The search engine may find your site better than they did before and increase your rank or your site may have lost some value based on your links and you may lose pagerank. There are some factors that may have happened since your last PR. Google has definitely heightened the expectations on Pagerank . They are making it harder to get the high levels people were getting before.

Your site may have changed the way the backlinks are being displayed on your site or maybe the location of the links have changed. It also could be that the way the search engine have re-evaluated the value of these incoming links . There could just one of these possibilities or it could all three, that is the search engines prerogative to change the way they hand out Pageranks.

Search engines seem like they only want to give high Pageranks to sites that are 100 percent relevant to the subject matter and who have the best set of backlinks. There are some sites that backlink to others and those links have nothing to do with the site they're linked to. The search engines want to cut that back. They don't want sites to have backlinks just for the sake of having them. So they have raised the bar in order for the webmasters to work harder at SEO.

Now, if you have maintained a perfect number for your sites page rank and all of your second level pages are perfect then the search engines have rewarded you and if the competition falls you will rise. Competitors with your subject matter will not link to you. Though it may be in there best interest too they normally don't. The two sites can increase their PR but website owners will bite their nose to spite their faces.

Some website owners have thought that if Google for example does not show a complete list of backlinks that they play a big part in their sites PR but from further notice it does not look like that happens. What backlinks they choose to show is up to them but rest assured it has nothing to do with PR. That does not necessarily mean that these links have gone down in value.

There are a number of reason why a site would lose PR because of the value of the links . One reason may be due to many different links from the same site or run of the site links. Another reason could be because links that have a text around them will show that they were bought from partners. As we mentioned before, links that zero relevancy to the site at hand. If you have noticed a change in your PR and it is not an encouraging number don't get excited, just as it went down it does have the ability to come back again. Review your site and make sure all of your links are relevant as well as the content on your site is unique and the site is easy to use.


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