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What is a Domain Name?

The phrase in itself has a couple of different meanings. One meaning is that it is a name that you can recognize on a computer on the web. The name shows as a part of the site's URL. This description also qualifies as a hostname. Another definition of Domain Name is a product that the providers give to their customers. These are registered domain names . The third definition of a Domain Name is for the purpose of DNS which is used in an email address or in Voips or Domain Keys .

The most common type of domain name is the registered domain name. These are hostnames which are the names that go in the numeric IP address. The internet allows the domain name to serve as the sites address. It much easier to remember names of sites rather than their IP addresses. Now the way most people understand domain names is not behind the scenes but the picking and choosing of a name. When a webmaster creates a site he has to put a name on the site.

When choosing a domain name you have to consider the user when thinking of a name. You want to choose something catchy and something that people can remember. You don't want something too long because people may have a hard time remembering it. You also want to choose a name that is easy to spell. Many times people have names of sites that are a bit hard to spell and the search engine can end up giving those search results to another site.

Once you have decided on a name you now have to register the name with a domain registrar . Once you use one domain host it is registered throughout the web. Companies like Go Daddy , Blue Host and Host Gator are the most popular . You can also register for a server while buying a domain name. With more and more sites going up everyday, it is getting harder and harder to choose a good name.

You want to choose something that has something to do with what you have on the site. There are name generators available. These are programs that can generate a name for your site based on the information that you provide it. You can always choose a name on your own. Make a list of at least 10 names that you would be happy using. Then after you choose a hosting company start entering the list one name at a time. As you enter the names the hosting company will tell you if the name is available or not. You may not hit something until the 8th or 9th name on your list.

What sometimes happens is when can't think of a name, the hosting company can provide a list of names that are available based on the information you give it. You may not always get the exact name you want but there is a bright side. You may hit on a name that had expired and has been established for a long period of time. This would help with your index rank on the search engines because people are aware the name exists and you may start getting natural traffic right away.

You may notice that sometimes people buy these great names and instead of using them to create a great website they park the name. The site will have nothing but ads on them. That can be very frustrating to other people who would have used the name for something great. Remember choose something creative and easy to remember. The basis of a great site is the name.


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