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What is Email Marketing

Email marketing is categorized as the direct marketing which involves the email services to communicate with the users for the commercial products' marketing and fundraising. The email contains the information and details about the product to be marketed and every email that is sent to the customer is considered e-mail marketing separately.

The term email marketing is however also used for a much broader sense, it is sometimes referred to as the enhancement of the relationship of the business organization with its customers may it be current or old so as to keep them updated about the latest information on the products and to encourage further successful business.

The emails are also sent so as to convince complete unknown or new customers to believe in a certain product so as to make them buy it. The emailing recipients may also involve the old customers so as to remind them about a business deal again.

The emails that are sent for the purpose of marketing can also involve advertisements by the company for their customers. This type of marketing has now been so widely used that the total amount spent on the email marketing by US in the year 2006 went as high as $400 million.

Email Marketing has gained its popularity mostly due to various factors amongst which its reduced costs is one of the chief reasons. As compared to the other forms of marketing email marketing is found to be much less expensive.






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