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What is Article Marketing

Article marketing is a type of marketing which involves the advertisement of any company or organization with the help of articles. Short articles are written on the business and the products and services which are to be promoted so as to attract the viewers. These articles are then advertised accordingly, ready for the publication and distribution so as to make it noticeable to the required consumers or customers.

There is a special way of writing these articles in which the context is convincing enough to the reader. The article is supposed to include the two important features which are the 'bio-box' and also the 'by-line' thee two include the information about the company in detail which also involves the contact details and references. These are articles if are well written and have the potential of impressing the customer to a certain extent can be used for the credibility of ones business.

The increase in the use of the e-marketing and the internet world, the article marketing has also leaded its way to the online world. These articles are then published over the internet for the users to view it openly; this has decreased the costs of the marketing considerably because it does not involve the high costs of advertising and publishing. There are some other dimensions which have to be taken care of with the article marketing over the internet.

One such factor is the SEO or the search engine optimization. It is the order in which the websites are ranked in the search engine for the users to be directed towards them, the higher rankings are achieved via certain key-words which has to be included in the article marketing.








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