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How to get out from Google Sandbox

As a webmaster you want to ultimately want a good ranking for your website in the search engines. But often there are times when a brand new site that has original content and great links may end up in the Google Sandbox. The Sandbox is a holding place for sites that Google deems ready to get a good rank . Your site will be indexed but it may so deep that you may have a hard time finding it. Some people have ideas as to why sites are ending up in the sandbox. Keep in mind these are ideas only and are only opinions. One critic has mentioned that sites with domains purchased around March of 2004 has something to do with their sites being placed in the box. This theory grew more and more in 2005,but since then there has been a change in the algorithm that would make more sense rather than Google targeted sites from 2004.

More and more SEO's figured out how the sandbox worked , there were spammers who took advantage of what the SEO's found out, the inbound links , the keywords and the content. Spammers would try to create sites that in everyway violated the rules of the search engine. If and when Google found these sites then they would be banned from the search engine. It can be frustrating when you are placed in the box and it can take weeks and weeks to get back into the good graces of the search engine.

Great Search Engine Optimization

If you want to find out if your site has been placed in the sandbox, you can check in many different ways. Check the SERPS for your target keyword and see what the results are. If you are placed very high then chances are you have been sandboxed, even though you have great search engine optimization and great inbound links . Now you have the task of getting out of the sandbox. Don't believe just because you are a new site that you have been sandboxed but that is simply not true. Google does not sandbox you just because you are new site .

In order to get yourself out of the box you can run your material through Copyscape and see if your work is duplicated which would cause the search engine to penalize you. Make sure all of your content is fresh and original. Make sure the links you have correspond to your site. Google does not like sites with links that have nothing to do with the subject of your site. You can also create a temporary page and maybe link it to another website so Google will recognize your site. It may take a while but Google will re-index you.

The goal of the search engine is to give the user as much important information as it can that relates to the search. They don't want to give you information not pertinent to your search and with sites that are filtered and placed in the box, Google has not decided yet where exactly these sites fit in. You may want to reconsider the content and make it more pertinent to your subject. Check your links and make sure that your links are right for your site. You may want to change the way you SEO as well. Change a few things and in a few weeks when the bots come again and the search engine likes what it sees they will give you a better spot.


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