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What is Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing can be interpreted in two different ways ; one of them is the marketing directly involving the use of the mobile device itself. Secondly mobile marketing is also the marketing in a moving fashion for example the billboards which move across the streets or the road shows for a particular marketing objectives , in other words it is like taking the word 'mobile' in the literal sense.

More popular and of course the latest type of marketing is the use of the mobile phone in the marketing which has gained immense popularity after the rise of the short messaging service use or the SMS. Business here collect the mobile phone numbers and send off materials on SMS which may either be wanted or unwanted to the recipient but a type of marketing for the company itself.

The marketing through SMS has now been on the rise and it is considered as the legitimate advertising meaning because unlike the internet marketing the mobile networks can be limited and set for the bets practices. Due to this soul reason, the Marketing via SMS has gradually expanded and now is one of the most widely used means for marketing all across the world.

The Mobil marketing itself involves further classifications and means of marketing for example through a mobile the marketing can be done via several different ways. These involve the mobile marketing via the MMS, Bluetooth , infrared , and even the mobile web marketing. Other types such as the mobile viral marketing are also in use.








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