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What is Website Traffic

The World Wide Web has now been so advanced and widespread that there are now many other things taken into account to maintain the website other than just its creation and decoration.

Internet has now turned into a global marketing and business place. It now consists of websites of the renowned companies to promote and develop the business of their products with the help of interactive and texts used in the web sites portraying the description of the company and the product itself.

This requires more and more visitors on the websites. This is why the concept of website traffic is so importantly taken into consideration these days. The website traffic is actually the count of the number of people visiting the website in a particular time period or ever since the creation of the website.

The website traffic information not only provides with the plain and simple statistics but also how much the site and its maintenance is being worth the attention both financially and through other means. If the website traffic shows a low number of visitors, there is something lacking in the website or its maintenance which is not attracting the visitors.

Therefore it also provides the owner of the website with the chance to know the errors and mistakes so as to cover up and be able to change it for positive results.

Website traffic also allows the owner to have an opinion of the general public towards their product and their reaction towards it. For example if the website traffic statistics show a considerable visits on the site still a weak response towards the product indicates that the product might not do well in the market.












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