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How to bring customers

Many people believe if they build a site that someone will find it and they will become the best website in the world. In order for that to happen, people have to find your site first. The best way to do that is to get indexed in the search engine in the top 10 or 20. The top search engines are Google, Yahoo and MSN. In order to get people to come to your site you will need to do some things first. The first thing is to choose your keywords wisely. The most popular way search engines give results is based on keywords. Make sure the keywords you choose are in conjunction with your business.

Once you have chosen a keyword it is very important not to use the keywords too much. Overuse of keywords is called keyword stuffing. The search engines will penalize you for that. While it is important to have good keywords it may be more important to have better content. Content is going to get you ranked in a search engine. When you do SEO or Search Engine Optimization , make sure you keep in white hat. Never cloak or hide pages, don't use mirror sites which are sites that are identical but both link back to yours. These are examples of black hat , search engines frown on black hat.

Good content and honest SEO will get you ranked well in the search engine. If you have a unique site that there are many searches but not a lot of sites then you will do well. Keep in mind that you are not going to get indexed without good content and good keywords. You are not going to be an overnight success. It takes time to establish your site and it takes a bit of time for people to find you. Be patient.

You may want to place your site in a directory, directories are the newest trend on the web. Millions of people use directories to help them get new traffic to their sites. You can also establish a connection with someone who has a blog. You could work out something where they could mention your site on their blog and you could give them a link to your site.

Once your site initially gets ranked it may need some retuning if you are not satisfied with your rank. You may need to try a different SEO approach . Maybe you could try using a company or an individual who specializes in SEO . You will to pay them ( all rates and companies vary ) but they may know how to get a better rank for you the next time bots crawl your site .

If you are new to being a webmaster, sometimes when you aren't experienced in SEO, bad SEO can be worse than no SEO. If you decide you want to try a SEO company ask to see a copy of their code of ethics, most should say that they refrain from any deceptive form of SEO. If a search engine realizes that there has been black hat SEO then they will penalize the site which is what you don't want.

It is hard to bring new customers to the site. But with some patience and a little SEO work you will do fine. The key is to have great content , remember keep it original. Good SEO work is a must and above all have patience. You will not have a hit site over night, it just not happen that way so be patience and work hard and you will see results.


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