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What is keyword density?

Keyword density is calculated by search engines to help them figure out the strength of a site for that specific word. If your keyword is dog and you use the word dog something like 100 times on one page that would be considered keyword stuffing and search engines do not like that. You want to make sure that you have enough use of the keyword that is proportionate for the amount of words on a page. Many new webmasters don't really think that there is anything wrong with using a keyword many times .

Most search engines don't see anything wrong with it as long as every other word on your site is not the keyword or the keyword phrase. Each search engine has its own algorithm which helps the search engine index the sites. Keyword density is part of that algorithm. Each search engine , Google, Yahoo and MSN have all different ways in which they tolerate the keywords. Other new webmasters want to know how many keywords are too many. One way to be safe is only to use the keyword or the keyword phrase 5 percent of the total number of words on the page.

Five percent is a fair amount of words to have, there are programs called Keywords checkers that you an place your article through a checker and the program will let you know how many times you used the word. As original and as fresh as your content may be, the content looks and sounds horrible when you use the same word in every other sentence. Keyword placement is different than keyword density. When you talk about keyword placement, you are mainly referring to the keyword s being placed in the title tags, the heading or the main body.

There are some webmasters who believe that by placing the keywords in the top of the page that they will rank better. Not true in all cases, if you overstuff the keywords on the top then the search engine will not help you out but if you use the word a few times then it may help you. Keywords and anchor links can be associated . By using the keywords in your links it may bode better for you than simply putting the keywords all over your page .

When you have original content on your site you want to make sure that the copy is well written. If you use keyword density on the front page, you want to make sure that you are writing the copy to where it makes sense. It is hard enough to write content and keep it fresh but it also may prove to be a bit challenging to make sense of a paragraph using the same words over and over. That is why the five percent rule is in place.

As we mentioned before there are keyword checkers that you can use. The most popular are the Search Engine World's Keyword Density Analyzer, the Keyword Density Analyzer and the SEO Chat's SEO Tools- Keyword Density. The important thing to remember when using keywords is not to overstuff. Use only 5 percent of the keywords on one page. Your keywords and keyword phrases should pertain to your site and the content. Keep the content fresh and new.

Keywords are important when getting ranked in eth search engines because many users use keywords to find sites in the search engines. The more the keyword pertains to your site subject the better you get ranked and the more the search engines will start giving your site results.


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