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How to use a keyword suggestion tool?

A keyword suggestion tool is a search box on a website dedicated to helping the webmaster understand what people are searching for as far as certain topics. For example, Google has a keyword suggestion tool, you enter a word in this case we will say dogs. Then hit the enter key and it will search the web to see what the most common words are that are associated with the word dogs. There are dogs, dogs for sale, dog trusts, dog breeds and dog names to name a few.

The keyword suggestion tool is something you should do before you plan a website. This tool is a good indictor on what and how people are searching for sites . By using the keyword suggestion tool you can actually get a good idea on what your own site can be about. On some suggestion tool sites it will also show you how many times a day that particular keyword is searched for.

You want to try to stay away from words that are searched for a lot. It can be hard to get a high ranking in the search engine for a popular keyword . Let's use the example dogs, if you wanted to use dogs as a keyword for your site as well as the title of your site, the suggestion tool may say it is searched for about 60,000 times a day which would mean that it is a popular topic. But if you actually go to the search engine and type in the word dogs you will see 137,000,000 sites. Can you really get your site ranked in the top 20 with over 135,000,000 results?

It would be very hard but let's take for example the word Spongebob Square Pants, he is a popular character on children's TV, he is a good keyword maybe searched for 20,000 times a day and there are 2,560,000 sites which is considerably less than the keyword dogs. You want to have a site that you can rank well in the search engines but you have to keep in mind that it is going to take time. You have to research your topic and create your content and make sure that your content is unique and fresh.

Getting new sites to rank well in search engines is very hard to do you need a lot of Search Engine Optimization and a lot of hard work to get on the first 2 pages of the search result . Your site has to be keyworded properly and you have to make sure that your site is user friendly as well. There are so many different aspects to creating a website.

By using a keyword suggestion tool it can help you choose the right word in helping you create a great site that will ultimately steer the search engines to your site when someone types in the keyword that you have chosen for your site. These are actually very helpful in creating a site. If more people used them then maybe their sites would be more successful. Just in Google alone the phrase Keyword Suggestion tool comes up with 3,630,000 results.

Utilize your keywords and use the keyword suggestion tool and create your own natural traffic site. It will take time to learn the value of the suggestion tool and what it can do for you. It is very important for SEO and if you are just learning SEO then you can realize the full potential of these website tools . They are provided for all webmasters yet sometimes the newbie webmasters don't realize the full potential of a new website. Click Here to Use Our Keyword Suggestion Tool


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