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Major SEO Popular Tools

A good SEO will use certain tools in order to get a better search engine rank. Some of the tools will help guide the webmaster in repairing his site to make it more search engine friendly. Here are some of the best tools available for SEO.

Same Page Checker : When the spiders roll onto your web site they are checking to make sure that your content is all original. If the spider finds out that there are duplicate pages then the site will be penalized. With so many site son the internet it is going to be possible that there may be content similar to what you have , so in order to change that this tool lets you find out what exact percentage of similarities to other pages . This will help you correct the similarities making the content more original.

Search Engine Spider Simulator: What this tool does is it allows you to see a mock search engine and it shows the content of your site . It allows the webmaster to see the hyperlinks that will be searched by the spider. It gives the webmaster an idea of how the spiders work and by allowing you to see this it really gives you a heads up on fixing your site to get a better search engine rank.

Backlink Anchor Text Analysis : It is great that you have backlinks on your site but it really boils down to the quality of the backlinks . It is the quality that the search engines look for. If you have 10 backlinks on your site and 8 of them lead to nowhere then you are not going to get a good ranking. That is what this tool does, it rates your backlinks and lets you know if they are good enough to increase your search engine ranking.

Backlink Builder : What this SEO tool does is actually helps you to build quality backlinks. If after you use the Backlink Anchor Text Analysis tool and it determines that your links are not good enough then this tool can help you improve your links . It will searches your sites that you are using key phrases for. It will give instructions like add link or add site.

Keyword Density Checker : Search Engines do not like sites that are stuffed with keywords. So what this tool does is it checks your site and it will give you a percentage of the amount of times the keywords are used on your pages. This checker will crawl the specific URL you wish and it will remove the text that a search engine would remove and it also takes out common stop words and review the keyword density.

Domain Stats Tool: This tool will in fact help you get the stats of your competitors domains. If you have a site about dogs, it will give you the stats of other domains about dogs. The stats provided are the Yahoo WebRank, Pages that are indexed by other search engines, Backlink counts and Alexa Traffic Rank.

Keyword Playground: This tool is used to put in key phrases in the Search Engines in order to get certain information. It is critical that you target your optimization for such keywords. This tool will help you recognize key phrases and then send you a report on how many times it is searched.

Alexa Ranking Tool: Alexa is a web site that shows you all the stats from any website that you can think of. From current traffic to traffic from 6 months ago. Click Here for SEO Tools


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