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What is Google AdSense?

If you are new to the web and you are just putting up your first website , you may have heard the words Google AdSense before. AdSense is a advertising program that is controlled by the Search Engine Google. Webmasters can register their sites into this program which allows text, images and even videos ads to be placed on their sites. It does not cost you as a webmaster anything. The goal of AdSense is to make you money . The ads are placed on your site are working in conjunction with your topic . If you have a website about cats then the AdSense ads will be about cats. Back in the day and even today, some people are suing banner ads on their sites but in all honesty, banner ads are a bit annoying and no one really clicks on a banner.

The sites that are serious about monetizing their sites use AdSense for best results . The key is that you have to place the ads in a place on your site where users will see them and click on them. If you place your ads on the bottom of your page and someone lands on your page but doesn't see anything that they like they will leave the site without even seeing the ads. There are many different methods to use in order to get traffic with online advertising . You should have great content on your site in order to keep the user there so they can see the ads and click on them, making you money.

You have to present your AdSense in a way that Google approves of as well. You can never, ever say something like click my ads. Google doesn't like that but phrases like Sponsored Links and Advertisements above the Google Ads are acceptable. Next time you are on a website, look for the ads and you will see one of these phrases.

May 2005, Google revealed the AdSense for Feeds which is a version of AdSense that actually runs from RSS and Atom feeds that have a membership of over 100 people. This method works by placing an image into a feed. As the image is shown by the browser the search engine writes the ad content into the picture it is showing. AdSense has been a great source of income for millions of websites. But for 10 good sites then are always one or two bad ones that abuse the system.

AdSense can really pay out well if you have a lot of traffic as well as people clicking your ads. But there are one or two people out of ten who actually commit click fraud. The number one rule is do not click your own ads. Another way to click fraud is to have a person or software automatically click on your ads in order to bring you more income. Google is very sophisticated in the sense that they can tell when someone is clicking ads in your favor or trying to hurt your site. If Google feels that someone is committing click fraud then they will adjust the number of clicks and you will not get paid. If it happens on a continual basis then you may get banned. The other problem with AdSense is that you must total $ 100 in order to receive a payment.

Google will hold the check until your account has reached $ 100 . If you signed up and discovered that Adsense did not work for you and you cancel your account , no matter what the account balance is you will get paid. AdSense can be very beneficial to you as long as you follow the rules.


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