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What is Web Directory Or Directories

Just as any other media, the World Wide Web also consists of so many different websites that it is difficult to track each one of them easily when the need arises.

Therefore a directory of the websites which helps in linking to the websites present on the internet is very useful for the users. This is known as the website directory.

There are many website directories on the internet; some involve only a particular type of websites with a specific topic, such as mammals, or communication etc. However there are also some web directories which generally deal with all types of websites.

Any sort of website, may it be dealing with any one type of topic or in general, it consists of the links to the WebPages on the internet so that the user can easily jump to the web site they have been looking for. This is done in a systematic way by categorizing the specific types of websites in one section so that it is easy to look for the desired website.

Some of the famous Web directories include the Yahoo, and Lycos World Wide Web directories.

The web directory originally is also a website; however it serves for the soul purpose of providing a database of all the websites on the internet, usually listed in categories. The basis of ranking of the web directory for any particular website is very different from the internet search engines.

The website owners on the internet are allowed to submit their websites to be included in the directory of the web pages.








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