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What is Google Sandbox?

What is otherwise known as the Sandbox Effect, it is a simple idea that is explains why some sites who are trying to get ranked in the search engines don't get indexed at all. For example, if you just built a site and you know that the spider has been to your site and you get zero search engine ranking , it is said that your site got sent to the sandbox. The sandbox is a holding area that Google has, some sites are held their until Google decides the site can be ranked.

There are some criticism of the sandbox, some webmasters do not think it exists and when a site does not get indexed it is due to a algorithm rather than a policy from Google stating all sites that are not ready to be indexed be placed in a sandbox. It should be noted that everyone is in agreement that the sandbox is only associated with Google and the other search engines such as Yahoo and MSN remain un-phased.

Poor SEO

The reason why a site may be placed in the sandbox would be because the site has too much spam on it , the site is not user friendly, the content is not unique enough or there are too many ads and not enough content. There is a website called they have started a test site that figures out why a site would be placed in the sandbox. It also was created to help tell apart sandbox sites from poor SEO or if a site has too much spam. They help you determine why your page results have been established by Google as being not good enough to index.

Depending on why your site may have been placed in the sandbox it could be a long period of time before the spiders are sent again. In the meantime, you can take at look at your site or have a professional look at it and try to figure out why it was sandboxed. You have time to improve the site, if you revamp your site when the spider comes again you may have corrected the mistake and you could get indexed the second time around. Other sites may take longer if you don't choose to fix them.

The Google Sandbox is believed to be placed in effect around March of 2004. The sandbox does not have anything to do with end users looking for content on some of the more well known sites, it may however impact users who are looking for more current, one of a kind information that can only be found in newly created sites that have been placed in the sandbox.

Some believe that the sandbox has been put in place for Google to help separate the spam sites that try to cheat their way through SEO to get a better page rank. Some sites get barred by Google for that reason and some webmasters even go as far as using a different domain using the same practice. Others believe that the sandbox is a matter of time it takes the search engine to examine the site and figure out a page rank and for whatever reason was placed in holding until the search engine can determine a page rank.

All in all you may never know the reason why the site was placed in the sandbox, but if you get the chance, sit down and review your site and make changes because you were placed in the sandbox for a reason, may be you will get lucky on the second spider crawl.


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