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What is Affiliate Marketing

The Affiliate marketing is known to be a distinguished type of marketing which involves the promotion of the business through the internet involving the websites in which the publisher or the affiliate is rewarded for every customer, subscriber or even a visitor on the web because of his efforts.

The industry in which various different types of companies and also individuals perform this type of the internet marketing is also given the name of Affiliate marketing. This includes the affiliate networks, the in-house affiliate managers and the specialized 3rd party vendors. This also includes the many different types of the publishers or affiliates who involve the use of various methods for their services.

The affiliate marketing is known to overlap the other methods of internet marketing to some extent like for example the affiliates involve the use of the same methods as the merchants do, like search engine optimization, email marketing and also to a certain degree display advertising.

There is a categorization of the affiliate sites which is carried out by the advertisers themselves and the affiliate networks.

The first one consists of those websites which utilize the search engines based on pay per click so as to promote the offers of the advertisers. Under this category fall the websites like the shopping and directory sites, the loyalty sites and also the personal websites. t also involves the blogs and email list affiliates.









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