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What is Telemarketing

Telemarketing is one of the ways of direct marketing which involves the use of the telephone for the marketing purpose. The salesperson involved uses the telephone to directly convince the customer over the buying of some kind of product or service with the complete information and detailing session. There is also an alternative of using the method of automatically generated recording over the phone via the use of automatic dialing.

The telemarketing is basically categorized into two different types which are the Business-to-consumer telemarketing and the business to-business telemarketing. However it also involves a few subcategories which are taken into consideration like,

The sales which is known to involve the convincing and persuasion so as to sell a particular product or service to the customer. The Lead generation is another sub category which includes the gathering of the information.

The most importantly used subcategories of telemarketing today are the Outbound and the inbound telemarketing. Outbound is the proactive marketing in which the customers either who exist already or the prospective ones are all contacted directly for the purpose of the marketing

The Inbound telemarketing includes the reaction and reception of the orders and also information coming in so as to explain the customer about the product and give detailed information on which they are interested.

Telemarketing is now so widely used that it is now a part of the company offices, the separate call centre build for this purpose or even from the home itself. Telemarketing can be performed using operators or even sometimes through automatically generated recorded messages.

The system of telemarketing involves a series of a minimum of two calls starting from the first call which involves the determination of the customer's need and then the second call which motivates and encourages the customer to move ahead with the deal.





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