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What are keywords?

For those of you just beginning to get into the website arena, you may be learning a lot of new words. Here is a new word for you and that word is Keyword. A keyword is simply a word that is used when a person such as yourself wants to find something in the search engines. For example, let's say you want to find websites about cars but more in particular you want information on SUV's. The keyword in the search engine would be SUV. They are basically words that you use to find information about a subject.

Now the search engine will now scan through their data base and give you any and all results that have the word SUV in it. You may be thinking what is the big deal about keywords anyway. Keywords are actually very important because they can point a search engine into giving you traffic. If you have a site on dogs and you mention the breed German Shepherd in your site, when someone searches for German Shepherd you are going to get displayed as a search engine result.

When you are in the early stages of writing your content, this is where you need to figure out which keywords you are going to use. Take a look at your site and write down what the site is about. You can keyword with the keyword as a the subject matter. So if you have that dog site, you can keyword your site to be dog. Try to use the exact keyword if you can. If you are too off the topic then the search engine will not associate your site with the keyword you have chosen and you may end up losing traffic.

Keep in mind that when you do get traffic that the users of the site will not be looking directly for your keywords. If you do it right, the users will not be able to pick out the keywords just by looking at your site. The only way that would be possible is if you keyword stuff which search engines hate. Keyword stuffing is when you use the predetermined keyword in every sentence and in every paragraph. Search engines do not look favorably for those webmasters who do that.

Keywords Density Checker

Here are some Keyword Testers and Checkers that you can use in order to help you utilize your keywords. There are Word Counters , Keyword Density Checker , Webmaster's Toolkit 's Web Page Analyzer for Search Engine Keywords and there are Keyword Counters . You have to find that balance between using your keywords to get traffic and using the keywords gratuitously in order to come up more often in the search engines.

In order to get the most from your keywords, not only do you have to incorporate them into your content but when you are writing your metatags you have to make sure they are used in the code as well. Keywords are very important in determining how your placement of keywords will affect your performance. Using keywords properly is a good tool in search engine optimization.

Remember keywords are shortcuts to the topics that we are searching for online. But remember you want to use keywords without anyone knowing you are using them. If you use them properly, then you will get the most results and the most natural traffic you can. Many first time webmasters overlook the keywords and either forget or don't know that they are critical to the future of their site. As a new webmaster make a list of everything you need to make your website a success and when you are writing down unique content , add in their keyword placement, so you won't forget.


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