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What is Web Hosting Services

Web hosting are the services like the file hosting web sites, these allow the individual as well as the organizational users of the internet an opportunity to create their own website on the internet which will then be accessible to the World Wide Web.

Web hosting services are more commonly known as the web hosts, these services act like the data centre. The web hosting services actually own a part of the server of the internet which can then be used by the clients for their websites. These services provide some f the space to the individuals together with the connectivity of the internet so as to fulfill a complete package of the website creation needs of a client.

Sometimes it also happens that the Web host companies provide space in the data centre and the internet connectivity of those servers which they do not own. This is called as the coloaction.

There are several different types of web hosting services, such as the most popular free web hosting service which is of course limited as compared to the structure of the paid web hosting.

The web hosting service also can be shared within the same server with many other sites, which are in the hundreds and thousands. The domains of the websites then are known to share the common resources such as the CPU and RAM.

The other types of web hosting services most commonly used are the Reseller web hosting ;Virtual Dedicated Server; Dedicated hosting service; Managed hosting service; and the Colocation web hosting service.

The services of the web hosting are generally a part of the internet access plan but the services can differ according to the free and paid providing services.












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