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What are SEO Basics?

If you are just starting out doing web sites and SEO work but you really are not sure what exactly you need to do in terms of getting your site ranked low in a search engine, these are the SEO basics that you could follow in order to get a good rank the first time out or improve your rank the second time around. You either try to fix your site your self and get a better rank or you could hire an SEO expert. Before running out and spending your money, try these basic tips you may just surprise yourself.

The first basic rule of SEO is that there are no shortcuts to take in order to improve your search engine standing. You have to work hard at improving your ranking , if there was a shortcut everyone would take it. You have to be patient when dealing with the internet, improving your rank does not come overnight. The quicker you come to terms that it is a process and sometimes it is a long process it does benefit you in the end.

The second basic rule is to have really good content on your site. No matter what the topic is the content is what makes the site worth coming to. Make sure all of your content is original. If you have the same old recycled information that 5 others sites have then the spider will not recognize the originality of the site and the ranking may be higher than you would have thought. Make sure the spelling and grammar are correct. There are so many sites out there on the internet where the simplest words are not spelled correctly.

Some sites have American English and some site shave British English, it all depends on how the search engine may review your spelling. They may not like the British English because in America, the British words are not recognized in our spell checks so the words come up as misspelled. Try to use the proper spelling of the word. Keep it simple.

If as a webmaster you have written all of your own content and the search engine does not place you in the good standings at all, you may want to try hiring a writer to rewrite your content, so that they are your ideas but they may be able to put a better spin on them then the webmaster did.

SEO basic tip number 3, try to write creative and descriptive page titles. You want to make sure your page titles are to the point, descriptive yet creative at the same time. If you write a page title that has nothing to do with the content on the page then the spider will not associate the title with the content and it will hurt you in the long run. At the same time you want to use real headings for your site. It is recommend using h1- h6 as your heading. A spider will not really recognize a graphics heading even though it may look great.

Be very careful when you use browser detection, if you feel the need to use it then make sure that is does not come apart when the spider comes along to review your site. If the spider cannot access your site then it cannot review it. There are hundreds of other things that you can do to improve your site so try these basic steps first and see if you don't get a better ranking based on these tips. You cannot do any worse, you will only manage to improve your search engine rank.


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