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Why Google banned websites?

There is one thing you never want to happen on the web, you never want to get banned by Google or any search engine for that matter. There are ways to get back into the good graces of a search engine . One reason why you may get banned is that you have ordered the robot.txt.files to be activated in your Meta Tags. By activating that text you are telling the search engines not to scan your site. If they cannot scan the site then you cannot get ranked .

Another big No-NO for Google is Cloaking. Clocking is a term that is used to describe a site that send out changed pages to the search engine bots that are scanning the site. What happens is that the web server is set to return different content to the search engine then it gives to users who come to the site. The goal is to mislead the bot to change their ranking. Google does not tolerate cloaking in any way.

You may get banned or suspended by presenting duplicate content or a duplicate site. Google will penalize the sites that they find to have duplicate content . We are talking about exact duplicate content. There are millions of sites that have the same type of information that others do but they be presented in different wording, which is ok. That is why is very important to have original content on the site. You want to make sure that there is no other site out there using your content. There is a way to do this, put a quote that you may have used into the search box and see if it comes up with any results. Or you can use Copyscape , it will show you if your content is being used.

Search engines, especially Google don't like Hidden Text or Links . You may be thinking how do you hide a link or text? If you are asking that questions then you are safe from doing it but for your own personal information, hiding a text can be done by simply placing text and links on the backdrop of a site and cover with white. As you scroll over the backdrop you will see the hidden words . Sometimes when you see cascading style sheets it could be a sign of hidden text. Most people who do this never think that a search engine bot will see them but they do.

Keyword Spam and Keyword Stuffing is a no-no as well. Keyword stuffing is when you use the same keyword over and over again. For example, let's say your key word is black dog, keyword stuffing would look like this. The Black dog went for a walk and when the black dog got back he went outside and then the black dog went out again. The over use of a keyword. If Google sees that a word is being overused they have two options, they can put a filter on your site to stop this from happening or they may ban you.

Another Google No-No is when you redirect pages . When you are switching sites over from one place to another it is ok but when you do it in a sneaky way that is not on the up and up then Google gets upset. These are pages that the content is really not worth reading, but the pages will redirect you into another site. You really want to play by the rules when it comes to setting up your site and having Google take care of you. The rules are simple and if you are patient then you will be rewarded.


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