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What is Viral Marketing and methods

Viral marketing is the term which describes a type of marketing associated with the behavior of the virus in the literal sense. It involves special marketing techniques using the current social networks so as to increase the brand awareness which includes the self-replicating processes.

The common knowledge that any satisfied customer spreads the information of the product to at least people ahead is a human behavior on which the viral marketing is based upon.

Viral marketing can just be a word of mouth or it can also be ore advanced e-marketing system which involves the advertising and publishing on the internet, however the basic concept remains the same. This marketing system facilitates people and users to pass on their knowledge about the marketing further on. Viral marketing and promotion methods can be a large variety ranging from the video clips and flash games to simple text messages.

The Viral Marketing is carried out with the intention and mission to target the individuals who have the high SNP or the Social Networking Potential, the stronger the SNP the higher the chances of successful viral marketing. Therefore the viral marketing also involves the use of messages which will appeal to this class of the population.

Some of the most successful outcomes of the viral marketing were described in the Business Week in the year 2001, as Hotmail in the year 1996 and The Blair Witch Project which was in the year 1999.

Amongst the few other examples The Burger King's The Subservient Chicken campaign is another example of a striking success through viral marketing







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