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What is Fake Pagerank

A Pagerank is a algorithm that gives out numbers to websites based on their content and their site overall. The concept of Pagerank was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin from Stanford University. These two gentlemen are also the founders of Google. There are different types of Pagerank , there is the Google Toolbar which shows you a display of the page that you are on and it shows that page's rank. The numbers range from 0 to 10 with 10 ranking high. No one knows for sure the way that Google really goes about giving out Pagerank, it is the companies better kept secrets .

One thing that happens more often then it should is fake Pagerank . When Google shows you the user a PR ( Pagerank) it is assumed that the rank came from Google. But the PR can be changed. The way this is done by sites who set out to search for the bot and then when the bot gets to the site the meta tags redirects the bot to a higher ranking site like MSN. This is not favored at all by Google and when they find out about it then they can ban you or they can penalize your site and not give you ant results for a long time.

There are tools that you can use in order to see if someone has a fake PR . Some people want to start making money right away so they are willing to buy PR but again not recommended. To find out if a page has a fake PR , go to the website SiteWithFakePR . com, then look at the cache , it will have the accurate PR and not fake PR. There really is no reason why webmasters try to get around the search engine by getting fake PR. The only reason is they want the traffic and they want to get to the top without doing any of the hard work.

That is really not fair for the rest of the webmasters who work so hard to get a good PR on their own. There are so many companies out there online that actually promote this type of thing. While there are just as many sites that tell you how to fake a PR there are others who show you the search engine optimization tools on how to locate one. It is a never ending cycle on the black hat front. You want to have a successful site but you don't want to wait for a PR so you buy PR or manipulate it and then Google finds out and then you are back where you started from or worse they could ban you.

The best way to get PR is to work hard and get the bot to recognize your site slowly climb the search engine pages . Not everyone is a hard worker and they want to take shortcuts but it isn't honest and it keeps the webmasters who work hard to get where they are from getting there. The only thing we can do as honest webmasters who are willing to work hard and keep working harder is to stay off of site with a fake PR, download a free copy of PageRank Detecting Software and stay off these sites, maybe their traffic will fall and the search engines will re-rank them and they will fall.

With technology working the way it does, it can a blessing or it can be bad. In this case of fake PR it is bad that there is the know how and the technology to fake a PR but it is also the technology to detect it. You win some and you lose some


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