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What is Website Promotion

Now that you have a website you want to start promoting it but you don’t know where to start. We can help give you ideas and tops on where and how to promote your website. One way to help yourself promote your site is by word of mouth. By showing your site to someone and have them show it someone else, eventually it will get more traffic because you are spreading the word. Though word of mouth is a great way to start website promotion there is still so much that can be done.

Another way to start promoting your sites is to place your site in a web directory. There are so many directories on the web that millions of people use every day that someone is bound to see your site. Directories will help you get your feet off the ground and direct a good amount of traffic your way. There are Paid Directories, Free Directories and Bid Directories, check out as many as you wish and see what directory is good for you. One tip if you decide to use a directory, you could sign up with is Yahoo directories.

The second way to promote your site is to use the search engines. Once your site has been seen on directories and Yahoo directories if you have chosen to go that way, you will have a better chance of being placed well in the search engine rank. In order to do that you need to create a site that the search engines are looking for. Make sure your keywords match your site and make sure that you used these worlds liberally and not overstuffing your site with the keywords. Read up one everything you can on the subjects of link popularity and algorithms and meta tags.

If your site is a product site then you may want to use banner ads. Banner ads can be a bit expensive but you have to choose your ads wisely. No matter what type of site you have, one thing you need to ensure a good successful site is to have return customers. Make sure your products are fresh and cutting edge and make sure that content is original and fresh . If people like what they see then they will come back and most likely tell someone what a great site they found and you can increase your traffic that way.

You can also try link exchanges. This is when you see a site that you believe you and that site can benefit from using links to the other’s site. But keep in mind that when you do this that the links that you are exchanging have something to do with the your subject. Search engines may not rank you well if you have links that have nothing to do with the site subject.

Website promotion is not easy and it will take time getting traffic to your site. You have to be patient and open to new ideas as far as promoting your site. Directories is a great place to start and you can build up from there. One very important thing we forgot to mention, make sure that your site is of interest to people. If you have a uninteresting topic then you may not get the traffic no matter how much you rank in the system. Keep your site informative, innovating and creative. If you have a website about mud it isn’t going to be searched for as much as say dogs.


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