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What is Sitemap

A sitemap is more generally known as a file of the XML type which has the function of listing the URLs for any site. The protocol of the sitemap allows the webmaster to give information about the URLs to the search engines.

The sitemap allows the webmaster to add further information about the URL such as the last updates, the changes in the URLs and how often it is made, and also the importance of the URL in relation to the others.

The biggest advantage of this is that it then makes it easier for the search engines to crawl the website. Sitemaps thus are known as the URL inclusion protocol.

Sitemaps can prove to be beneficial in certain situations such as the inability of the user to access every area of a particular website through the interface of a browser. Having a sitemap thus can be helpful in providing the search engines with the updated pages information as the webmaster can help generate a sitemap which contains all the URLs that are accessible and submit them to the search engine.

The sitemap submission to the search engine only helps the search engine to crawl your website more efficiently with all the URLs along with the sitemap. This sitemap protocol however in no way guarantees that your web page will be ranked by the search engine












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